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Bricks and Mortar:

Traffic and Overall Sales



Bricks and Mortar:

Overall sales & Avg Transaction Value


Exhibition Vendor:

Overall sales & Traffic


Exhibition Vendor:

Traffic & Business Opportunities

A beauty retailer needed help boosting business. Their location within their mall had very poor visibility, as well as a very limiting storefront window to work with. Using their promotional campaign focus as the inspiration, VM ID blew up the story on the window over a 3-month rotating monthly display. The traffic coming in from the mall jumped to 77% compared to the year before right from the first month, and increased to 85% over the year prior by the end of the campaign.

A beauty and wellness retailer was struggling selling their products based on price points, as the customers were expecting lower prices. After re-working the merchandising strategy to create a higher end product presentation, the overall sales increased and the higher-priced items started to sell more easily.

A vendor of the One of a Kind show requested consulting services to revamp her booth. After implementing the suggested changes at the Spring 2018 show, her sales increased 33% over the Winter 2017 show's sales, and the Winter 2018 show resulted in a 18% increase over the previous Winter show! After the consultation, the vendor felt empowered and noticed that more passersby were stopping and smiling upon seeing her booth.

Another exhibition vendor utilized consultation services to re-work the elements of her booth. She was advised on adjustments to her placements to create more of an impact and elevate the overall presentation. The changes were implemented at the next show, and resulted in attracting more traffic to her booth, new commissioned work, and even wholesale business.