Retailers cannot afford to be without a strong Visual Merchandising system in place.


Understanding that every retailer has a different set of capabilities and constraints, VM ID helps to diagnose the opportunities to maximize the productivity of the selling space and elevate the store image, while catering to each business’ specific needs. This could involve staff training, creation of handy VM tools, or in-store merchandising and display services. Let us work together to create a service package which optimizes your selling space, while letting you focus on the bottom line and sell your product!

Visual Merchandising Expert, Ani Nersessian, Retai Consultant, Toronto Retail Help, Ryerson University

After 15+ years of industry experience with various retailers and environments such as Holt Renfrew and Adidas Group Canada, VM ID was founded by Ani Nersessian to help retailers get set-up with a VM culture that is right for them.

Ani holds a B.Des from Ryerson University’s Fashion Communications program. She has worked at various retailers of all sizes, including Holt Renfrew as part of the Visual Presentations team, Adidas Canada as a Visual Merchandising Coordinator overseeing the visual direction and training in Adidas and Reebok stores nation-wide, and has also worked as Instructor of the Visual Merchandising & Display course at Ryerson University’s School of Fashion.


The VM ID talent team consists of experienced merchandisers from a plethora of different types of retailers and environments.

The VM ID team's experience in corporate VM direction and training, university teaching and hands-on experience are all a part of VM ID’s DNA. Let us share it with you, and set your VM ID!

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